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Keeping Debt Under Control While in College

The average student debt is nearly $30,000. That isn’t including credit cards, rent, or food. What can you do to minimize payments before you graduate? Read More »

Student Loans – Getting to “Paid in Full”

This article discusses a strategy to address and pay down student loans quickly. It explains the key components of your loan and how to accelerate payment. Read More »

College Debt – The 4 Lies Every College Yells

Every college sends the same messages. We are the best. We are worth the price. You have enough time and money to pay for college. Your student is a valued asset. Each one of these statements are either verbally proclaimed … Continue reading

Time to Hedge Your Educational Investment

A university degree is no guarantee of employment. Parents and students should develop a two track educational strategy. A formal education and a technical education. Learning how to become a successful Forex Trader is not only an excellent primary profession, … Continue reading

Paying Off Student Loans – How to Plan Your Repayment

You may be one of the millions of people struggling to find gainful employment after college graduation. The government realizes that it’s tough out there right now and has created several programs to help ease the pain off paying off … Continue reading

How to Avoid Too Much Student Debt

It’s that exciting time of year when high school seniors have decided on where they’ll head for college in the fall. At the same time, many juniors begin to apply to the colleges of their dreams. A school’s academic rigor … Continue reading

Chat versus Contact Form: Pushing the Boundaries of Web 2.0

Online chats and contact forms had their place, but new, more engaging technology is available to enhance the online experience, acquire business opportunities and deliver amazing service. Using technology to transform a website into a marketing vehicle can immediately accelerate … Continue reading

Student Loan Debt – 3 Tips To Paying Off Your Student Loans

Student loans can be overbearing and unforgiving. They follow you everywhere and will not go away with bankruptcy. So what should you do? Pay it off! Read More »

Certification Myths Busted

If you have researched certifications for your business then you have likely encountered some of the following certification myths and misconceptions. Here I shatter some of the most common misconceptions about certifications and provide you the real information so that … Continue reading

Are You HUBZone Qualified?

Where are the HUBZones and what are the benefits of being a HubZone Participant? Read on to learn more about the HUBZone program, the benefits and how your business can qualify. Read More »