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Student Loan Debt By the Numbers

Most everyone knows these days that student loan debt is a pressing issue. Millions of young college grads are coming out of school facing huge debt burdens and an inability to find the high-paying jobs to cover the repayment of … Continue reading

How To Pay For College Without Loans

What if your plan to pay for college doesn’t seem to work? The logical alternative is to use Plan B. But what if Plan B doesn’t work? Here’s a solution. Read More »

Is College Debt Really Necessary? What Parents and Students Should Know

With the average student debt after college nearing $30,000, many parents and their children have been forced to take a long look at the return on investment afforded by traditional 4-year universities. Is it really necessary for parents to spend … Continue reading

Administrative Wage Garnishment Hearing

You must be offered the choice to challenge the garnishment or amount of wage garnishment or terms of the repayment schedule for the garnishment to be seen through. If you are concerned or worried that you may be at risk … Continue reading

Reasons Why We Should Avoid Student Loan Default at All Costs

In America, having debts is an ordinary circumstance for most of us. In fact, it is the rich nations and rich people who have a staggering amount of debts. We may have unsecured and personal loans in the past that … Continue reading

How to Recover From Student Loan Default

A major difference between consolidating your loan and rehabilitating your loan is that with consolidation, the default status is not taken off of your credit report, where as with rehabilitation the default status is removed. With the use of student … Continue reading

Keeping Debt Under Control While in College

The average student debt is nearly $30,000. That isn’t including credit cards, rent, or food. What can you do to minimize payments before you graduate? Read More »

Student Loans – Getting to “Paid in Full”

This article discusses a strategy to address and pay down student loans quickly. It explains the key components of your loan and how to accelerate payment. Read More »

College Debt – The 4 Lies Every College Yells

Every college sends the same messages. We are the best. We are worth the price. You have enough time and money to pay for college. Your student is a valued asset. Each one of these statements are either verbally proclaimed … Continue reading

Time to Hedge Your Educational Investment

A university degree is no guarantee of employment. Parents and students should develop a two track educational strategy. A formal education and a technical education. Learning how to become a successful Forex Trader is not only an excellent primary profession, … Continue reading