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Are You HUBZone Qualified?

Where are the HUBZones and what are the benefits of being a HubZone Participant? Read on to learn more about the HUBZone program, the benefits and how your business can qualify. Read More »

Cooking The Books

For the past two tax seasons, I have been completely organized with my business financials, but that was not always the case. Before I got organized, I remember spending the ENTIRE weekend, from Friday to Sunday evening, getting my books … Continue reading

According to the SBA, Size Matters

You are probably familiar with the SBA and all they do for Small Business, but what constitutes small? Get all of the information you need to determine if your business is a Small Business and learn the big benefits of … Continue reading

Getting Great Employees for Your SME

Engaging good staff is key to success in any small business, but you need to know how to recruit them. You are in the market for the best employees – so treat it as a marketing exercise. Read More »

Job Creation: Our Politicians Just Don’t Get It

In the two decades leading up to The Great Recession two-thirds of all new jobs in the U.S. were created by small businesses. Read More »

The Importance of Customer Retention in Vending

There are many businesses that overlook customer retention despite the fact that it is the lifeline of every business. This article explores the importance of client or customer retention and how to manage this end of the business as your … Continue reading

The 8 Trillion Dollar Industry and the Advantages of Online Business Travel

The travel industry has benefited much from technology developments especially with the internet. Home based jobs are now available in this industry type. Find out the benefits of having a your own online travel business. Read More »

Why Use Online Directory To Find Establishments, Businesses And Services?

The Internet, as large as it is, has many uses. It is a center for information, a market place, an advertising medium and a virtual world by which people can connect. With the growth in the number of Internet users … Continue reading

Aligning Your Business With The New Marketing Paradigm

While many small to medium businesses have become aware of the possibilities of promoting themselves online, very few seem to have actually understood how absolute the changes have been. By just using Facebook many smaller businesses believe they satisfy the … Continue reading

5 Reasons Your Marketing is Failing

Marketing, done well, reduces the need for “selling” in Sales. You’ve likely heard some paraphrase of the above a million times. Potential clients come to you ready to invest, they just need to hear the details. It doesn’t completely replace … Continue reading